INTCH, GCH, DCH Cheslabben Sneak Peake, WDQ

*6. 10. 2009 (Double Coat's Christmas Joy x Cheslabben Flower By Kenzo)


Sneak’s owner is Mrs. Monika Spangenberg from Germany,

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Sneak is elegant dog of balanced substance with beautifully shaped head, fully extended and temperament movement; has dry neck and massive shoulders, excellent top line with properly set and carried tail.  Sneak is very happy when being presented; he has nice relationship full of harmony with the owner, has balanced character and is conflictless towards other dogs. Sneak comes from Cheslabben kennel (Denmark), where  Birgitte Jørgensen and Kurt Jakobsen are interested in Chesapeakes breeding for more than 20 years.


Sneak with Monika and her husband are focused mainly in working tests; Sneak passed levels APD/R, BHP/R, JP/R, Brugspoeve and at the age of one year and eight months he obtained WDX a WDQ in Sweden. Further: Working Dog (WD)/ Working Dog Excellent (WDX) / Working Dog Qualified (WDQ) – US special hunting tests for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers driven by American Chesapeake Club (ACC). 


Show-wise, Sneak is very successful dog, in 2012 he obtained title of Austrian Club Winner, qualified to Craft’s in 2011 and 2012 (in 2011 ranked second in junior class). Totally, he was granted with 6x BOB, 3x BOS, 4x CACIB, 5x res.CACIB, 14x CAC, 1x res.CAC, 3x CACA, 1x res.CACA, 2x CWC


Sneak’s Health:

Genetical diseases:  DM = frei; MH = frei; EIC = frei; RD = frei; HC ( = frei; Hair Lengh = shorthair

X-ray: HD A2; ED frei; Arthrosis = frei

OptiGen DNA test:  prcd - PRA = normal

Augen: HC/PRA/RD: frei (Dez. 2012)

Certificate EC-VO:  PHTVL/ PHPV = frei; Katarakt = frei; RD = frei; Entropium/Ektropium = frei; Distichiasis = frei; PRA = frei



Other Sneak's videos


Sneak's video from US qualification WD/WDX/WDQ,

where he was the best in working class.